Welcome to the CoffeeChat Community!

This space is a digital platform that helps people connect in person over a cup of coffee in local coffee shops. Users can discover and gain access to promotions from their local cafes, send invitations to their networks, and build a meaningful portfolio of real-life connections.

Our vision is to create more trustworthy, resilient, and an empathetic community by getting people to connect in-person again, over a cup of coffee.

To meet the collective goals of our community, it’s important that all members feel safe and supported. To help everyone have the best possible experience, please review our community guidelines:

Positive Guidelines and Brand Values

Rule of Thumb: We at CoffeeChat see ourselves as part of a team rather than a collection of individuals. We do everything in the best interest of those around us–our friends, our colleagues, and our communities.


We want to better understand young adults and help them during the toughest years of their lives. We want to help them build real connections in a hyper-digitized world and we want to make it easy. Going out with friends and colleagues, meeting new people has never been easier with CoffeeChat.


Effective communication is what makes us human. Talking to friends or meeting new people is what stimulates us, and what better way to do that than over a cup of coffee? Building connections is one of the greatest necessities of life and we believe true connections grow out of in-person meetings. There is nothing quite like a face-to-face conversation. Whether you’re trying to empathize with friends or brainstorm with colleagues, doing it in person is just better. Better for helping, better for listening, better for learning, better for personal growth. At CoffeeChat, we want to help our consumers grow. Grow their relationships, their friendships, their network, their communication skills, and their confidence.


CoffeeChat is bold and future oriented. We are ready to take on challenges and we want our community to share this goal. In our core we have come to challenge the status quo–a virtual, hypercompetitive, and isolated world–to drive interpersonal connections and face-to-face meetings in a post-pandemic age.
Being adventurous is being exciting. It’s being daring. Taking risks. Going to new places and exploring new locales. What’s more adventurous than breaking a stigma, going outside our comfort zones to meet new people, experience new flavours, and savouring our personal growth? Join us as we take a step toward meeting in-person to brew real connections over a nice, warm cup of coffee.

What we encourage:

I.EMPOWERING:At every opportunity, do the best work and support others in theirs. Inspire and light fires in their hearts so that they achieve their maximum potential and fall in love with themselves in the process. Expose them to new ideologies and provoke them to experiment with the world around them.

II.PLAYFULNESS & CURIOSITY:Improvise, be curious and look at the world in different angles. Ask and be asked. Playing well with others; being open for the pass.

III.COURTEOUS:Going the extra mile to make it easier for others, preparing in advance, anticipating needs as everyone’s time is important, regardless of their social standing, ability, gender, age, and colour. Be truthful, modest, and unbiassed. And don’t forget your follow-ups and thank you!

IV.RESPECTFUL:Don’t forget to treat other’s the way you wish to be treated. Be respectful to the coffeeshops/vendors, the community and those you will meet on your next CoffeeChat adventure.

The Deplorables and/or Discouraged:

I.HARASSMENT:includes “any behaviour, whether physical, verbal, written, or otherwise, that is unwanted and unwelcome, and may offend, or humiliate, an individual”. Just don’t. It’s not fun and certainly NOT CoffeeChat worthy.

II.DISCLOSE PERSONAL INFORMATION:Refrain from sharing sensitive personal information on a CoffeeChat when deemed inappropriate. CoffeeChat cannot moderate every interaction and wants to provide a safe space for the community. Be mindful on what you share with your fellow coffeechatters and vendors within the community.

III.SOLICITATIONS:of any sort on our platform or to our community members are unacceptable. Each case will be reviewed thoroughly, and actions taken by CoffeeChat will ensue.

IV.TRANSMISSION of FAKE CONTENT:While CoffeeChat cannot moderate every interaction that occurs on a CoffeeChat, be mindful of facts and topics that are shared and exchanged. No fake promotions, invalid offers, non-CoffeeChat related contents framed as CoffeeChat originated contents will be tolerated.

What if these guidelines aren’t for me?

CoffeeChat recognizes that our guidelines may not align with everyone. It’s fair and we respect each other’s beliefs. However, disregard and negligence to our community guidelines can result in a permanent removal from the CoffeeChat community. Let’s all do our part in creating a safe, well-connected, and empathetic community at CoffeeChat.